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Nothing quite ruins a nice summer day like the nuisance of stinging insects. Sometimes more than just a fear of the pain from a sting, bee and wasp sting allergies can make these pests harmful to friends and family. At All Solutions Pest Control we specialize in controlling the bee population and exterminating wasps that build their homes too close to yours.

Because many stinging insects look very similar, it can be tough to know which species you're dealing with. The team at All Solutions Pest Control has years of experience in pest control services and specializes in identifying stinging insects. When you notice a hive or many stinging insects flying around your property, it's important to call one of our bee and wasp experts to eliminate the immediate threat and chart the right course of action for long-lasting pest control.

We specialize in the relocation or extermination of the following stinging insects:

Bees are vital to our planet's ecosystem and are disappearing at an alarming rate. At All Solutions Pest Control, we believe in protecting the existing bees and relocate, rather than exterminate, a bee population you may find at your home or office. We will make sure the bees are not harmed and will make sure they are moved to a location much more suitable than your home or office!

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